Coding and adaptations


lucyfer1968: OBDeleven. Historial del vehículo

Fecha: 2020-05-19 07:27

Numero de bastidor: WAUZZZ8V6HA137187
Coche: Audi A3
Año: 2017
Tipo de carrocería: Sportback
Motor: CZEA 110 kW (150 HP) 1.4 l
Kilometraje: 94994 KM

May 19, 2020 16:35:24 GMT
lucyfer1968: May 19, 2020 16:37:21 GMT
testeronline: please post the full detail in the Audi section then somebody can help you as you can post your history in the chat box May 19, 2020 18:09:40 GMT
testeronline: , publique los detalles completos en la sección de Audi, entonces alguien puede ayudarlo y puede publicar su historial en el cuadro de chat May 19, 2020 18:09:47 GMT *
Leon 5f : I'm interested in how the turn signals in the rearview mirrors are addressed. 09 central electronic May 21, 2020 14:03:13 GMT
Leon 5f : sorry for my bad english. May 21, 2020 14:03:51 GMT
Leon 5f :  May 21, 2020 14:05:09 GMT
Leon 5f : May 21, 2020 14:05:48 GMT
testeronline: Leon 5F this is a hardware change you can buy the indicators from many online stores (these seem very expensive) and they require no coding at all. May 21, 2020 14:50:57 GMT
Leon 5f : Imam skodirane US parkirne luči. Bi bilo možno da utripalke v ogledalih gorijo? May 21, 2020 16:51:24 GMT
Leon 5f : I have coded US parking lights. Would it be possible for the turn signals in the mirrors to burn? May 21, 2020 16:51:35 GMT
dv52 (Australia): @leon 5F: The turn signal LEDs on the wing mirrors on MQB cars are NOT controlled by "09 Central electronic". These "turn-signal repeater LEDs" are controlled directly via the door modules May 22, 2020 22:16:29 GMT
Chip: Hey guiys May 23, 2020 13:38:51 GMT
Leon 5f: Thanks. Is it possible to glow all the time? May 23, 2020 15:59:50 GMT
michelaudia3: @leon 5f : glow all the time , only by hardwiring it , I think. Those dynamic mirror indicators in your link are way too expensive, a lot on aliexpress much cheaper and probably come from the same factory! Easy install and nice improvement. May 23, 2020 17:11:17 GMT
Leon 5f: Okey. Thanks :) May 23, 2020 17:29:03 GMT
a6c6 4f 2010 : Hi, i wanna reset dpf oil ash values. My car is 2.7tdi 2010 canc. I recently washed the dpf. I tried adaption channel 83 0->1, not work (works mayby older 2.7tdi with edc16). How i get access basic settings? sorry about bad english. May 25, 2020 6:22:28 GMT
saiilendra: i've got a 2014 Volkswagen Passat wagon where can i find one-click-app or request it ( i'm new to this) May 26, 2020 1:29:32 GMT
testeronline: May 26, 2020 7:15:38 GMT
testeronline: apps are found in the apps section in the main car menu May 26, 2020 7:17:24 GMT
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